I was blind

But now I can see.

Through all the darkness,

Your voice lights up the inner of me.


The brightest years in my life

Those shiny and twinkling charming eyes

Had I been so complete,

Until you fell and a man-shaped wound bleed.


I still constantly feel

The scent of you in this cell

Haunting and caressing

My empty, broken shell


Had it ever dawn to you

That I’m always there for you

The pistol is my only company

When I’m desperately missing you


Why didn’t you ask me to stay

At the end of your day

Holding our hands together

Flying and dancing as the world decay


Asleep I have tears streaming down my face

Awake I can’t help screaming out your name

Try so hard to hide my pain

But loneliness makes every effort vain


Your body is nowhere to be found

The only thing that support me to live on

Dreaming that one day

You will sit on the sofa safe and sound


My best, my only, my once and forever friend,

How many times I prayed to God

That I would abandon everything for you

That I would die a thousand times to see you smile again

Even to hear you mock my deduction

To complain about calling me from the other side of London

To argue about whose turn to buy milk

To listen to your amazing violin.

Thank you God,

For bring him to my humble life.

Though you took him away

I still cherish the memories we share

For those prove that

I once lived a life,

So alive.