What’s so odd about odd numbers?

“Ah, Mr. Misfit. How are you feeling on that cold floor?” Lord One Thousand and Twenty Four was strolling on a quiet country road, as he noticed a thin shadow on the other side, lying on the ground, whistling.

“As good as always. How about you? Still making your way to be King Two Thousand and Forty Eight?” The lying figure didn’t move in the presence of his lord. Instead, he waved his hand casually, beckoning the Lord to come.

Irritated by his gesture, the Lord told himself not to bother with such a low class man. After a few second, The Lord finally eased his temper and offered a smile to the lying figure. “That’s none of your business and I don’t expect you to understand my ambition. Anyway I have to go to a meeting. Enjoy your warm bed.”

The man on the ground still didn’t move. 

The Lord went away, thinking to himself. “He is so odd. Everyone is climbing his way to a higher social position. It’s just him, an odd number in an even world, embarrassing himself by his little common sense. The concept of success is too hard for him to take in. I’ve made a long way from Sixty Four to One Thousand and Twenty Four. Odd numbers just can’t grasp the meaning of the Holy Two in our society.”

The Lord went to his office in his suit and tie, resting his leg on a fox fur stool, and he drifted asleep.


The Lord woke up. He found something strange but unable to tell what that was. Everything seemed distorted and tilted to one side. He found himself unable to balance. Gasped in horror, he rushed to the mirror. And he screamed in pain. He became One Thousand and Twenty Three.

He rushed down stairs and out to the street. He heard a loud cry coming from the King's chamber. "Minus one plague! God this is the end of the world."

"Minus one plague? The most terrifying disease that could end our kind and turn everyone into odd numbers…”

There were no lords, no kings; only bewildered new odd numbers on the streets. They didn’t know how to live anymore, for the hierarchy they had believed in had disappeared into thin air. Criminals walked free; workers fought their managers to get more money. Without the restriction of rules and laws based on the Holy Two, everyone is equal and equally selfish.

"Odd numbers are barbarous. Look at what we have become."


The Lord, who is no longer a lord, strolled on that street. A thin shadow was lying on the ground, looking at the sky, singing.

"You look alright." Said the Lord.

The figure on the ground whistled. "You know, it actually feels ok to be an even number. And you look better without your usual pretentious expression on your face. I'd say I love this plague."

"Don't you see the mess we are in? There is no rules no laws no goals! How can people live on?"

The Only Even Number said:" You know, we are all the same as before."


Ten years later, the Once-Even-But-Now-Odd town is in a peaceful state. Some wise men offered a wonderful solution of establishing new laws. The most distinguished prime numbers occupies major positions, and people still believe in The Holy Two, for it’s the smallest prime number. The people got their laws and their religion back in order.

The Lord walks with The Only Even Number. "I still feels like an even number deep in my heart, and you are still so odd even though you are an even now." The Lord sighed. "Nothing really changes. We are still the same. What's so odd about odd numbers? We are still the same."


One’s social status and title will change, often in a quite unexpected way. However, there is one thing that remains intact no matter how circumstances vary. That is our existences with their unique characteristics. The differences came from religions, nationalities, races, sexualities, and ideologies don’t matter, for we are all same deep down. Yet, in a world full of even numbers, everything odd numbers do is queer. It’s my life’s commitment to show even numbers that every number is an equal existence and to support the rights of odds.